The importance of employer branding

The importance of employer branding

 12 Feb 2018

Employer branding is not just about graphics and logos, it is about the image a company portrays and the experience customers have. In a competitive market, it is imperative for businesses to have a strong brand, especially when it comes to recruiting talented individuals into the business. Your employer branding is how candidates perceive you and if this isn’t positive, you will find recruitment extremely challenging. If you have not yet paid attention to your employer branding, it is time to start.


Consistent brand

One important aspect of employer branding, is to ensure it is recognisable as candidates are more likely to aspire to work with a brand they know and trust. If you consider graduates attending careers fairs; they have lots of options and a range of companies trying to grab their attention. As you would expect, they are drawn to those brands they recognise. It is important to create logos and materials which are consistent, so that candidates start to recognise who you are, as this is how you will improve engagement.


The perception

What do employees think about your brand? Are you known for being a low payer, compared to your competitors? Do you have difficulties retaining talented staff? These are all things to consider and gain feedback on, as this is part of building a strong brand. It is never too late to change the perception of your brand, but you need to understand what it is first.

Emotional attachment

Candidates will tend to favour those brands which they have some kind of emotional attachment to. In the engineering sector for example, some companies encourage employees to bring family and friends into the business through referral schemes and this can help to create a sense of community. It may be that your business has confirmed projects for another 10 years and this can create a sense of security. Take time to consider what kind of emotions your brand can offer and use these qualities to attract candidates.


Opportunities to develop

Most candidates, particularly those just starting out in their career, will only want to join companies who provide opportunities to progress and if you offer this, it should be a clear and concise part of your branding. For example, you may offer new recruits access to a graduate development scheme or have a clear line of progression. These benefits will help you create and promote a strong, influential brand.


Do you want to be a brand who are known to hire anyone? Probably not, as this creates a sense of desperation and can de-value your brand. A strong employer brand will ensure that candidates know that they are selective, as this builds some prestige about working there. It is much more attractive to gain employment in a company who value themselves and this is what you should be aiming to promote, as part of your employer branding.


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