How to ensure you hire productive employees

How to ensure you hire productive employees

 5 Feb 2018

When it comes to hiring new employees, it is not enough just to recruit based on an individual’s experience and skills, you also need to ensure they will be productive. Of course, this is never guaranteed but there are ways to suss out the intentions of candidates and whether they will get on with the job, or waste time checking their phones and social media accounts. Productivity is vital for the growth of your business, so it is important to get the recruitment process right. You need to know that new employees will be committed to the role and your company, and will get their head down and perform each day. These are some ways to ensure you hire productivity employees.


Detailed job description

An inaccurate job description is a common error made by hiring managers and it can easily lead to issues with hiring the wrong people. If you don’t explain exactly what the job entails, you may end up hiring a candidate who isn’t capable of dealing with such a workload. If the role is highly demanding and challenging, make sure the candidates knows before they are placed in your business. Some people thrive on this, but others want a slower pace, so it is important to get the right fit. If the job isn’t really what it says on the job description, you are likely to find your new recruit becoming increasingly under productive.


Enthusiastic and available

The initial stages of the hiring process can give a good indication of whether the candidate is going to be an asset to your business. Some tell-tales signs that they are perhaps not as committed as you may like, include being unavailable to discuss the role after applying or sounding unenthusiastic during the telephone interview. If it feels like getting blood out of a stone when you are trying to get any decent interactions with the candidate, it is a red flag for how they will perform if they are actually recruited into your business.


Interest in your business

The most productive employees are those who have a genuine interest in your business and a desire to help you achieve real results. If the employee is enthusiastic about the role and the business, it will show in their commitment to the role. You can gain this sort of information during the interview process. If the candidate doesn’t seem to really know what your business is or answers only with general responses, it might mean they are only looking to get a job, not to specifically work in your company. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t be productive, but a candidate with enthusiasm for your business is a much safer choice.


Future plans

A productive employee will be an achiever; someone who wants to thrive in their job and make the most of every working day. It may be worthwhile asking them about their future plans. If they are just looking to pick up their pay cheque, they may not be as productive as someone who has real visions for their future career.



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