Top 6 qualities to look out for when choosing a specialist recruiter

Top 6 qualities to look out for when choosing a specialist recruiter

 22 Jan 2018

A specialist recruiter can be hugely beneficial to your business. It saves you the time and hassle of sourcing candidates yourself and of course, you get the experts who know how to find the very best talent, or at least they should! Many specialist recruiters claim to be the best, but how do you know which one to choose to deal with your recruitment and not waste your time? These are some qualities to look out for when choosing your specialist recruiter.


Industry knowledge

Some recruiters claim to have industry knowledge, but when it comes to it, they don’t really understand your needs and this can result in a lot of wasted time. This is particularly important in an industry like engineering, as specialist knowledge is required to ensure the right CV’s are sent over to you. It may be worth asking some industry related questions or requesting sample CV’s to ensure you make the right connection.


Candidate relationship

The specialist recruiter you choose are representing you to the candidates and it is important to gain an understanding of how they treat the candidate. Many recruiters fail to provide feedback to candidates after interviews and this can be damaging to the reputation of your business. However, a good relationship with candidates can encourage them and others to join your business. Word of mouth is a very powerful tool and it is important that candidates are taken care of. If in doubt, ask the recruiter what their process is in terms of dealing with candidates.

High retention levels

It is not enough for the specialist recruiter just to fill the role, you need to be confident that the person will be right for the role and will stick around for longer than a few weeks. Of course, this isn’t guaranteed but it is a good idea to ask for some statistics to back up the claims of the specialist recruiter.


Effective screening process

There is no point in asking a specialist recruiter to help out if they are sending you 10 CV’s in the hope that one might be right for you. After all, this can take up a lot of your valuable time. A good recruiter will have an effective screening process and will only send candidates who fulfil the requirements of your role.


Variety of sources

A good specialist recruiter will not just rely on active candidates applying via job boards, they will also headhunt passive candidates too. This is particularly important in engineering where there is a skills shortage and targeting passive candidates is a must!

Client relationships

The specialist recruiter should not just be interested in quickly filling your role, they should stay in touch with you and build a strong relationship. They should take time to understand your requirements and follow up to check how the candidate is getting on. A strong relationship is important and this is an indicator of how good a specialist recruiter is at their job.


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