How to poach the best talent

How to poach the best talent

 19 Dec 2017

The first thing to realise about poaching talent from competitors – is that it’s not wrong! Business is business and much like you wouldn’t have a second thought about taking a client from a competitor, you should think the same way about talent. This is particularly prevalent in the engineering sector, where there is a major skills shortage. You need to be prepared to be ruthless for the benefit of your business, but how do you entice talented individuals to leave your competitor and join you instead?


Find the talent

The first thing you need to do is to find high performers who work for your competitors. You can gain a lot of information by speaking to those in your industry, doing a bit of networking or even using external agencies to conduct talent mapping for you. You may already have a few people in mind that you want to join your business and creating a list is the best place to start.

Casual call

The last thing you want to do when poaching talent is to go in all guns blazing, as this is likely to put them off. It is better to make a connection and use a softer approach, such as a casual conversation on the phone or meeting up for a coffee. If you do this, you can sound them out and get an idea of whether or not they are open to moving from their current employer. If they are moving into a more senior role in the business and you can’t possibly match it, you will know that it’s probably not going to be worthwhile discussing it any further.

Find out what they want

If they seem like they might be open to a move, it is worth asking them what they want, before you offer anything. For example, you may want to say that there is a potential opportunity within your organisation, but you were wondering what incentives would make them move. This is a better approach before making an offer, as it gives you the opportunity to find out if you are able to offer them what they want. It may be that they need a specific salary, which you are not able to offer or that they need a clear career path, when there is a lack of opportunities within your business.
At Bonfire Recruitment, we understand the difficulties of attempting to poach candidates from competitors and with our expertise in recruitment and our knowledge in the industry, we can be a useful asset to help you get those talented candidates on board. To find out more about how we can help you attract and recruit the best candidates in the industry, get in touch with us today.
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