Benefits of a specialist manufacturing recruiter

Benefits of a specialist manufacturing recruiter

 13 Jan 2017


Recruiting the right staff is fundamental in ensuring a manufacturing business runs well and is profitable. People are at the core of every business and without the right people, a business will soon find itself unable to fulfil the needs of its customers. Companies use specialist recruiters in order to find the right candidates to fill roles and there are many benefits to going down this route.


Market Knowledge

A specialist manufacturing recruiter will have market knowledge which others will not have. They will know the best means of finding key talent, even those who are already in employment and will be able to identify whether the candidate will fit in with the needs of the business. Recruitment is a fundamental part of a business but it can often be low in the list of priorities and without the right market knowledge, it can be difficult to know where to start. A specialist manufacturing recruiter will be able to take this burden from the business and ensure key roles are filled quickly and with the right people.


Dedicated Recruitment

These days, it is not enough to simply advertise a role and wait for applications to arrive. Not only does it take a lot of time to start getting applications, there is also the painstaking chore of sifting through applications and shortlisting for interview. Many talented people are already in employment and although not actively seeking work, they are willing to look at other opportunities, if approached. A specialist manufacturing recruiter can dedicate a great deal of time to head hunting individuals and taking time to understand the needs of candidates and whether they would be able to fulfil the demands of the role.


Recruitment Knowledge

Many manufacturing companies don’t really understand what is expected of them when it comes to recruitment. The advertising process, finding the right avenues to get candidates and ways to attract them to the role, can be alien concepts to many businesses. A specialist manufacturing recruiter will be able to advise on how to right an appealing advert and will have the knowledge required to be able to negotiate with candidates and make the job sound like an opportunity they don’t want to miss out on.


Cost Effective

It may seem costly to hire a specialist manufacturing recruiter and often it can be, but there it is often much more cost effective for a business than undertaking this themselves. Recruitment can be a long process and taking others in the business off their day to day tasks to attend to this, means the business is losing money. This will often amount to a lot more than letting a dedicated recruiter handle it.


Time Efficient

It is not beneficial for a business to allow employees to take time off their job to take on the task of recruiting. Not only will they need to advertise the role, they will have to spend time shortlisting and arranging interviews, which means resources are not being used in the most efficient way. A specialist recruiter can deal with all of these time consuming tasks associated with hiring and will often carry out initial interviews with candidates. This frees up time for businesses, which they can use for tasks which are of a higher priority.


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