How Talent Mapping Can Help Grow Your Business

How Talent Mapping Can Help Grow Your Business

 30 Jun 2016


When it comes to recruitment, many companies leave it to the last minute and this can leave them with unrealistic expectations. The recruitment process can be a lengthy one and if you really want to ensure you get the right person to fill your role, it is important to take time over the process. Of course, there will be occasions when you simply need staff urgently but it is well worth investing in talent mapping to suit both your long and short term needs, while ensuring you get the right person to fill your role.


What is talent mapping?

Talent mapping is a strategic way of planning your recruitment, both in the long and short term. Most businesses will enlist the support of a professional recruitment company to help with talent mapping, as they have the knowledge and expertise on how to do it right. The companies who use talent mapping are usually those who are forward thinking and who have the drive and desire to ensure the company moves in the right direction. Talent mapping involves looking at the current employees within the business and how they will fit into future roles, as well as identifying any current or future gaps, which will need to be filled externally. Ultimately, talent mapping involves looking at the talent pipeline and allows the company to gain an indepth understanding of where the business is going, how key roles will be managed and the future of current employees. It is a long term plan, which can save a lot of unnecessary recruitment and also ensure that current employees are being allowed to progress in the company, before any external recruitment is considered. There are many benefits to using talent mapping within your organisation.


Identify Talent Pool

Talent mapping can allow you to find out more about your existing talent in all sectors of your business. You can then gain a better understanding of where the talent is in your business and this can be used against any planned recruitment or urgent needs you may have, without having to turn


Retain Talent

It is important to keep talented staff in the business and with so many opportunities available, many employees are eager to jump ship if a better opportunity arises. One of the main reasons employees leave an organisation is a lack of progression/growth and by talent mapping, you can identify potential openings for your employees and provide them with opportunities, rather than watching them leave to go to your competitors.


Smarter Recruitment

Without talent mapping and having a deep understanding of the strengths of your current staff, it can be difficult to know what your recruitment needs are and whether you need to look externally to fill vacancies. Talent mapping can provide you with a broad understanding of your business, allowing you to make smarter choices with recruitment. This means there is less room for errors in recruiting people you don’t really need or recruiting the wrong talent, when you already have it within your business.


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