5 Ways to Make a Good Impression at Interview

5 Ways to Make a Good Impression at Interview

 24 Jun 2016


Interviews are daunting for everyone; even the most confident person in the world can feel the heat under this kind of pressure. They are, however, part of the working life and everyone has to go through them at some stage or another. If you have got as far as an interview, then the interviewer obviously feels that you have the right skills and experience for the job. All you need to do now is show who you are and be able to back up what you have put down on paper. If you want to impress the interviewer, there are some fundamental things you can do to give yourself the best possible chance of success.


Plenty of Research

The last thing you want is to turn up to an interview without a clue about what the job is or what the company actually does. If you do, you’ll soon find yourself under unnecessary pressure and feeling like you have failed before you have even started. It is important to research information on the company; including the size, number of offices they have, locations and any recent news, such as mergers. It is also a good idea to use LinkedIn to look up details on the interviewers, just to give you an idea of where they sit within the organisation and their role within the business.


Professional Attire

Like it or not, the first thing the interviewer will notice is how you are dressed and this includes your shoes and even the state of your nails. Make sure you don’t turn up to an interview with blotches of nail polish you haven’t removed or clothes that don’t quite fit anymore. You should look polished for the interview and if this means buying new attire, it is well worth doing it.


Less is More

Even if you are an hour early for your interview and have decided to go into some shops, don’t be tempted to turn up to the interview with your bags of shopping for the week, as this will create the wrong impression. Similarly, the interviewer might not be too impressed if you show up with a coffee in your hand. Keep it simple for your interview; minimal jewellery, your handbag (if applicable) and a smart jacket.


Friendly and Positive Attitude

It is important to be positive during your interview and to show how interested and enthusiastic you are about the role. A friendly demeanour is attractive and will create the right impression with the interviewers. You may be in the worst possible mood that day, but the interviewers should never know it.


Connect with Interviewers

It is important to not only answer questions during an interview, but also to build up a rapport with your interviewers. You will always be asked to provide examples to back up your answers during an interview and it is a good idea to have at least one which your interviewers will be able to relate to. You want to be able to stand out from the crowd and your interviewers need to be able to get a feel for who you are and be able to connect with you in some way. If you can add some humour to your interview, this will also help. Obviously, you don’t want your interview to be one big comedy show, but a bit of humour can help to relax everyone. You may also want to use your LinkedIn research to take the interviewers backgrounds into account and how this might help you build rapport during your interview.


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