The benefits of working exclusively with one specialist recruiter

The benefits of working exclusively with one specialist recruiter

 8 Aug 2018

The engineering and manufacturing sectors are notoriously challenging sectors to find talented staff for and this is why many companies enlist the support of recruitment specialists. You are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a recruiter to work with, but rather than having a list of different options, it is advisable to work with just one specialist recruiter. It makes more sense to give exclusivity to one, rather than many different recruiters.



Build relationships

It is very difficult to give the same time and attention to a number of different agencies and thus, this can prevent you being able to build strong relationships. When you work with just one specialist recruiter, you will be able to spend more time with them and this will give them a better understanding of your business and recruitment needs. As a result, you can expect better hires. There are a lot of recruitment agencies out there who won’t deliver on their promises and when you use a number of different agencies, it can take a lot longer to suss this out. With just one specialist recruiter, you will be able to gain an understanding of their performance and if they let you down, you can always move on to another.


Eliminate duplicates

When you enlist the support of a number of recruitment agencies to help source candidates for you, you are bound to end up with duplicate CV’s. This causes a lot of extra time for manager’s when trying to screen candidates and it wouldn’t happen if you worked with just one specialist recruiter. Engineering and manufacturing tend to be industries where everyone knows each other and this can quite easily lead to a lot of duplicate applications, if you have a long list of suppliers.


Improve brand

If you have a number of agencies advertising a role for you, it comes across a bit desperate to candidates and it could negatively affect your brand. However, if you work with just one specialist recruiter, you will have one source dedicated to your recruitment needs and focused on improving your brand.


Single contact

Working with numerous recruiters means a higher volume of calls, emails and meetings to deal with. If you choose to work with just one specialist recruiter, it can save you a lot of time and hassle.


Less confusing

Most recruitment agencies work on different terms, so using more than one can cause a lot of confusion. For example, they will generally charge different rates and will probably have different payment terms, which makes it difficult to track. It is less confusing to deal with just one recruiter and you will develop a better understanding about the agency’s terms.


At Bonfire Recruitment, we have established long relationships with our clients, through our ability to understand their needs and our ability to find the best talent. 


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