Gain the advantage in the manufacturing industry

At Bonfire we are not a typical recruitment agency, we are the experts in our sector who are at the forefront in both recruitment technology and processes.

We help manufacturing business owners and leaders in the UK recruit the best management talent for their business

We have developed a community of forward thinking professionals engaged people who are looking to grow their career.

We help business leaders improve their organisations leadership, technical capability and customer authority.

We use our objective and experienced eyes to identify the top 15% of talent in the manufacturing sector, allowing your business to be exposed to new market opportunities and sustainable growth.

In short, we can add the right individuals to your existing team or create a new team entirely.   


How you may ask?

We created the Bonfire Talent System (BTS), using modern and innovative recruitment and data gathering techniques to map out every company and every individual within the manufacturing market and then identify the top talent in the industry.


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Typical manufacturing roles we recruit :



Meet the team:



Terry Mallin

Recruitment Director

Terry is one of the leading manufacturing recruiters in the UK and is the exclusive go-to recruitment contact for selected manufacturing companies.


Scott Buchanan

Recruitment Partner

Scott has an enviable track record over the last 10 years of attracting senior talent to organisations within the Scottish, UK and international manufacturing marketplace.